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Explore the culture of the Marquesas with organized excursions to share, understand and appreciate the beauty of Nuku Hiva. Hike, walk or bicycle in the spectacular landscape, horseback ride through the coconut groves arriving at a plateau with breathtaking views, discover the fascinating archaeological sites, take a four wheel drive photo safari tour into the interiors of the lush mountains and valleys or take a day trip by boat to the beautiful Hakaui Valley with the highest waterfall of French Polynesia.


Through these experiences you will discover the beautiful and mysterious life of the Marquesas and make of our archipelago a "green" destination.



* HATIHEU VALLEY * recommended: 8.30 AM – 4 PM

Excursion by 4x4 to the north coast of Nuku Hiva. Discover Taipivai valley, Beautiful scenery, rich vegetation and archeologically sites.    

* HAKAUI VALLEY * recommended: 8.30 AM – 4.30 PM

Situated on the southern side of the island. Excursion by boat to Hakatea bay followed by a hike through forest, archaeological sites, and basalt cliffs to the famous Hakaui waterfall (350 m). Picnic lunch included.            







Hiking on the ridges, Caldera of Taiohae and Nuku Hiva South Coast views (5h30)                                                                                             


* AAKAPA & HATIHEU Peaks and Cliffs

View on North East of the Island, bird watching (6h)                                                      



 To the Temokomoko Point (Views on Toovi, Terre Deserte, Hakaui and the Hidden Valley) 6h

Please contact us for the full activities list

The excursions are led by a guide from the Hotel and a minimum of 2 persons requested.

Booking for the excursions must be made the previous day, before 6 PM.


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